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Here's What People Are Saying About Sizzle Slim!!

"I am down 39 pounds and a ton of inches since June (less than 6 months) with Sizzle Slim! I am now shrinking my clothes in the dryer instead of hanging up to fit. I have not worn these jeans for over 7 years" ~Shirley W.


"I HAVE LOST 55 POUNDS TO DATE ! Countless inches. I have gone from a super tight size 16 to a size 10. I have not had a migraine in months, my periods come on time every month and they're NORMAL and I am off all anxiety meds and down to ONE prilosec a day." ~Kayla B -6 month update


"I've lost 15 pounds,  and down 2 pants sizes all in 30 days. I have not changed my diet and no exercise whatsoever! I'm super excited. Lets see what the next 30 days bring."  ~ Damon G


"So this just happened this weekend. I was in a size 10-12 June 6th when I started Sizzle. 2 1/2 months later I can wear a 6!! This blows me away. I am 65 but have never found it this easy to lose inches! Don't give up! Sizzle works." ~Cheryl  D


"I'm so happy I started my Sizzle Slim journey. It's been 4 months. I've lost 20 pounds and 131/2 inches. I've gone from size 12 to 8."  ~Debbie S



I've lost 25 or 26 with sizzle. I haven't even started on my 3rd bottle. I found out 2 weeks ago that I am pregnant after being told i would never have kids! And at 36 yrs old ... Doctor told me to continue taking sizzle as it has helped me so much. I had 3 huge cysts on my ovaries. Now only one and its very small. ~ Kristi L


I started my Sizzle Slim journey on April 15th 2017. I have always been one to forget to take any kind of pill or medicine but this time i told myself i was going to take it no matter what! I packed a bag of it to keep in my car and i leave the bottle on my counter to help remind me. I took my before photos and off i went. Although i did weigh myself, i have not paid the scale much attention. After realizing my favorite hoodie was starting to get a bit big i decided to take another picture. Boy was i amazed! The scale has only moved a few pounds but i can really SEE a difference in myself and the way my clothing fits! I have even had to go down a notch on my belt AND my FitBit watch band! I have not done a whole lot different in my eating habits other than making sure I eat every few hours even if it is just a snack. I walk every now and then when the weather allows it and track my water intake....and no i am not drinking 100+oz. I keep it steady around 40 and 60 oz a day. No real cravings and even if i forget to take my Sizzle before dinner or lunch i take it afterwards and keep going on with my day! I am not starving and i still eat anything i want, within reason of course. I can't wait to see what next month looks like!!!  ~ Jackie S



"Comparison of less than 3 months .. 32.6 lbs gone..... Same shirt and shorts in both sets of pics. Feeling great!!!!" ~ Kimberly S


From May to July - "I don't know about you guys, but I see a difference in this shirt! Whooooohooooo for my Sizzle Slim!!!"  ~ Jeanie S 


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